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Dogecoin Pool Project

Hi there people, I was searching for a dogecoin pool on the interwebs, for my surprise, I didn't find a dogecoin only pool, so I decided to make my own doge pool for the shibes.
Tell me your opinions and requests, I'll try to put on my pool
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I don't know what's happening over at r/bitcoin, but it looks important. Can we get any information on dogecoin's pool shares/percentages?

I don't know what's happening over at bitcoin, but it looks important. Can we get any information on dogecoin's pool shares/percentages? submitted by hjras to dogecoin [link] [comments]

Dogecoin Pool: How many DOGE do you have?

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[Such graphs & stats!] - a small dogecoin pool looking for more miners!

Hey there guys. admin here.
We are small dogecoin pool with ~90 mh/s of hashpower and desperately need more miners to hop into our pool. We are running 6 different crypto-coin pools right now at and running one of the most powered earthcoin pools. Though we still looking for hashpower on dogecoin pool which can eventually help the doge network to spread the hashpower.
Latetly we have developed our own custom pool-manager frontend for our pools and we do now have pretty statistics & graphs for all our pools. Make sure to check out our statistics & graphs for our dogecoin pool:
Sample Screenshot
** Features**
We are taking pool-business serious and have been working on our infrastructure and developing our custom software to better serve you guys. Here is a quick recap of our dogecoin pool's features;
To quickly hop in:

EU - stratum+tcp://

./cgminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u WORKER -p PASS --failover-only -o stratum+tcp:// -u WORKER -p PASS --scrypt -I 13

US - stratum+tcp://

./cgminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u WORKER -p PASS --failover-only -o stratum+tcp:// -u WORKER -p PASS --scrypt -I 13
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Top 20 Dogecoin Pools by size as of Sunday 2014-01-26

net % rate diggers pool 24.7% 22923mh/s 23102 Dogehouse :: 15.3% 14141mh/s 11836 13.1% 12131mh/s 7402 6.0% 5568mh/s 4942 HashFaster's DogeCoin Pool :: 5.4% 4962mh/s 4567 :: 4.3% 3921mh/s 3330 4.0% 3726mh/s 1367 2.6% 2347mh/s 2310 The Dogecoin - Poolerino :: 1.9% 1733mh/s 2639 Dogechain Pool :: 1.3% 1158mh/s 1529 Dogecoin Pool :: 0.9% 853mh/s 1709 0.9% 840mh/s 1764 0.7% 610mh/s 614 0.6% 553mh/s 334 Dog-E Coin CryptoCult Pool :: 0.6% 511mh/s 798 0.5% 395mh/s 461 Mining4all Dogecoin Pool :: 0.4% 345mh/s 904 0.3% 260mh/s 754 0.3% 243mh/s 152 0.3% 226mh/s 485 0.3% 222mh/s 485 0% Fee Forever :: 0.2% 179mh/s 292 :: 0.2% 178mh/s 636 Shibe Pool :: 0.2% 172mh/s 274 Doge @ :: 0.2% 147mh/s 280 DOGE PoolGen :: 0.2% 128mh/s 517 NONSTOPmine - Dogecoin Pool :: 0.2% 117mh/s 279 United Miners - DOGE :: 0.2% 113mh/s 230 :: 0.1% 85mh/s 112 (DOGE) :: 0.1% 76mh/s 242 Hashdogs' Dogecoin Pool :: 0.1% 63mh/s 305 DOGE Pool @ :: 0.1% 44mh/s 203 MuchDig :: 0.1% 25mh/s 94 Doge Mining @ Cryptostew :: 
Formatting here is hard, best to copy to notepad, sorry.
Let me know if I missed any?
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MinerMob Grand Opening Launch for Dogecoin Pool!

Welcome to the MinerMob's launch thread!! MinerMob's goal is to produce the ultimate pool portal for the cryptocurrency community. We want to be the "go-to" pool, so to speak. When we say that we mean it. Having been personally scammed by, we embarked upon the journey of starting our own pool. Tired of inconsistent hash rates and downtime on other pools? Join a pool that was constructed from the ground up with your satisfaction in mind. Mine in a pool where the admins themselves are actively mining. Built By miners, for miners.
We are doing some HUGEgiveaways for our Grand Opening!!! We want our miners to not only have a chance at winning many doge's, but also to see how top-notch the pool runs.
FIRST BLOCK FINDER REWARD 25,000 Doge sent straight to your wallet out of ours! (owners and admins excluded)
EACH BLOCK AFTER: 10,000 Doge while the pool grows! Minimum of the first 10 blocks! (owners and admins excluded)
At 100MH: 25,000 Doge to one lucky randomized winner! (owners and admins excluded)
At 250MH: 50,000 Doge to one lucky randomized winner! (owners and admins excluded)
At 500MH 75,000 Doge to one lucky randomized winner! (owners and admins excluded)
at 1,000MH 100,000 Doge to one lucky winner! (Owners and admins excluded)
Our Dogecoin pool ( currently has the following specs:
Pool Specs
-6 GH mining stratum capacity with the ability to scale ON TAP.
--60GBPS dedicated network scalability
-Low Response Times
-Low Rejection Rates!
-99.98% up time guaranteed!
-Low FEES (first 50 accounts on file will recieve 0% lifelong fees, take advantage of this!)
-Simple Registration
-24/7 Support via email and IRC
-Miners ideas are taken seriously and implemented
-Automatic Payouts
We also believe in helping our miners, as misinformation is rampant in the industry. If you need any help with your cgminer config, or how to start mining, what type of rig setups we recommend, etc, do not hesitate to drop by our IRC and PM the moderator. Having personally built 3 rigs (all are currently mining in the pool) we can definitely help some of the newbies save time, money, and headaches.
Pool: [](
Any questions or comments please do not hesitate [email protected]
Registration page:
Happy mining & thank you reddit community for your amazing community.
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This community is wonderful. 350K DOGE was donated to reopening Chunky's Dogecoin Pool by one of our own. Thank you, /u/quadra

A few days ago, we overpaid around 2 million DOGE. I stated in a subsequent post that we'd be able to re-open if our users donated 500K of that back. We had received about 150K from our users.
Fast-forward to this morning, and I have a message from quadra saying that he'd like to donate the remaining 350K to put us over the 500K mark that we needed to hit to re-open. After chatting with him, he made it clear that he was doing this with no strings attached, out of the goodness of his heart and for the community.
This guy is a prime example of why the Dogecoin community is so special. This is one of the biggest acts of generosity that I've ever seen in my time on the net. Simply awe-inspiring.
I kind of want to name the pool after him, sort of like libraries and colleges do when they receive a donation. :)
Stay tuned: Chunky is coming back, stronger than ever!
EDIT: Just wanted to clarify that by "one of our own," I meant an dogecoin reader. He said he's actually never even used Chunky before!
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Dogecoin pools?

Is there any active Dogecoin pool? Realy, I cant find any... Please help!
(Im from poland, so my english sucks...)
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What is the best dogecoin pool?... after the demise of dogehouse... I need a new one.

What is the best dogecoin pool?... after the demise of dogehouse... I need a new one.
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good dogecoin pools?

I've been trying to get into dogecoin mining, and would appreciate any suggestions for good mining pools. I'm with AikaPool right now, and it's been over 2 months since we found a block. Progress is pretty slow, and I'm looking to transfer to another pool with quicker progress.
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Hey everyone,
I started my own pools because I was tired of random issues happening on all the push-pools I've been apart of the last few months.
User: Your coin address
Pass: x
This is a solo project of mine, so I will be updating the frontend to be more aesthetically pleasing moving forward.
If you have questions, suggestions or comments please feel free to post/ask me.
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Dogecoin Pool: As of this moment, are you buying, selling or holding?

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Dogecoin pools

Where can i find a good dogecoin pools. If i google and enter their webbsites about 90% of their domains are for sale. Or they are simply not just up.
Was gonna start minning again from a long break but cant find a single pool help pls
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HashFaster's Dogecoin Pool offering block rewards! - such truth - much reward.

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Any good Dogecoin pools?

Most of the pools are either down or not working :( .
Anyone know a good pool I can start on?
much thanks such coins poor wow 
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Good Dogecoin pools? And about merge mining

Dogecoin newbie here, wanna try mining.
But I can't seem to find a good & trustworthy, operational Doge pool. The good ones I found appear to be non-operational already.
So, what are some good ones?
Also, what does it mean by Dogecoin mining is merged with Litecoin mining? Does this mean I can do Litecoin mining but get the rewards in Dogecoin?
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Support development by using my new Litecoin+Dogecoin pool

Pool address here:
It has been a long time since I've done some updates on but I begin to see that this site needs a lot work to become properly useful to litecoin community once again.
In the late summer of 2014 I had huge plans for this site, but unfortunately they all dissolved in the absence of free time (and somewhat even motivation).
So this is why I'm here right now, asking you to support me by pointing some of your hashing power towards my pool. If we manage to get some funds together by this I'll be able to move on with the complete site makeover as I have promised.
Also please feel free to discuss the site here, I'm all ears.
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Dogecoin pool

Most of the dogecoin pools I have looked at are really bad or shutdown... Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, do you believe there is a need for more pools? Thanks!
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Dogecoin Pool Mining Comparisons

Post your GPU[s], your hash rate, what pool you use, and how many dogecoins you get per hour of mining average below.
Edit: Well, this is probably way too late but here's a format for posts so that they're easier to sort:
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Name your favorite Dogecoin pool.....

Mine is currently.
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Dogecoin Pools?

What are some good mining pools for dogecoin. I tried googling it, but all the ones I found seem to be dead. Any help would be highly appreciated.
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New to Cryptocurrency | Any Dogecoin pools?

Super new to crypto-currency and it interests me a lot, I decided to try out Dogecoin just for a test and for a goof among pals. I can't seem to find any pools that aren't dead. I started mining Litecoin to see what I could do, and it's not that efficient I mined like 8 Doge in 4 hours-ish
I just want a lot of Doge, don't really care of it's actual worth.
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DOGECOIN MINING POOL - YouTube วิธีขุดเหรียญ Dogecoin ด้วย Awesome miner - YouTube MinerGate: Dogecoin Mining Pool PER DAY FREE 24 DOGE COINS ... pool dogecoin mining майнинг пул любой валюты - YouTube DCM - Dogecoin Cloud Mining Pool - YOUTUBE 2020

Dogecoin Pool no registration keeps some of the options closed. You can get constant updates on a daily basis to the list of available experience. The miners get rewarded on by PROP system and there ain’t risk to the pool operator. #2 Litecoinpool. Litecoinpool is also one of the best Dogecoin mining pools, who prefer meted mining, with a very transparent reward system, i.e, Pay per share ... Before joining a dogecoin pool it is important that miners research the security of the mining pool as well as the manner in which they calculate rewards. Some mining pools focus only on specific cryptocurrencies and some allow for multiple currencies to be mined. Sticking to a Dogecoin mining pool, your work will be more efficient, and you will receive smaller but much more frequent payouts. This article will give you a summary of the best ones and provide you with the criteria required, to make a choice. You can also use my calculator to estimate your mining profits. Contents: List of mining pools Mining calculator How to start a pool Pool locations ... Dogecoin (DOGE) Cloud Mining Plan. Find a plan that's right for you. Choose your plan and start earning. Dogemining 1. Enjoy entry level of invest & earn money. Speed - 20 GH/s; Term Days - 175 days; Daily Interest - 0.99%; Earn per Day - 5 Đ ; Total Return - 173.25%; Price - 500 Đ; Dogemining 2. Enjoy entry level of invest & earn money. Speed - 40 GH/s; Term Days - 175 days; Daily Interest ... Multipool is a Dogecoin mining pool that also allows you to mine a variety of cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin and Bitcoin, with payouts being made in DOGE or other coins of your preference. By using Multipool Dogecoin port, you can also perform merged mining, which allows you to mine both Dogecoin and Litecoin, without compromising the hash power. Multipool supports the mining of a total of ...

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Skip navigation Sign in. Search Awesome Miner Installer How to create wallet Dogecoin? 2. How to register on DogeFlashMiner.c... Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. ... 2.300.000 Doges bonus to my pool miners!!!!! All extra's apply - Stratum, VARDIFF, 99.9% Server uptime, Friendly Admin - such as me Visit my threads to find up to date info ... วิธีขุดเหรียญ Dogecoin ด้วย Awesome miner pool ที่ขุด : Server URL : stratum+tcp://stratum ...